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Project managers might just have the toughest job in IT, responsible as they are for ensuring that high-stakes IT projects are completed on time and on budget. According to a new report from Forrester Research, the project manager’s role is getting even more demanding with work from home / remote and difficult to fill.

  • GuruSchools we have well experienced managers to serve industry with effective domain knowledge, industry best tools & techniques
  • GuruSchools managers also equipped with sharp focus on business value, this economic environment where every dollar of spending is scrutinized and resources are scarce adoption to challenges is the key

For efficient Project, solution, product & services Management

Transparent Tracking

Matrices based numeric status with detail insight on day-one on with the expected finish date of the project analysis

Work collaboratively

You will have accurate and complete schedules, cost Scope tracking for effective making informed business decisions.

Numeric representations

Graphs & numeric progress represent clear decisive progress, status the team is making progress each week, positive gains that ensures the expected finish date remains doable.

Early Warning System

Developed an Early warning system that alerts when the team’s progress is deviated to a point that requires corrective actions in order to avoid delays in the future.


Long Term Association model

Establish framework, process, and discipline across an organization to accomplish the essential strategic objectives for success

 Align finite resources throughout the organization to ensure the most important things get done

Enable visibility to project and portfolio performance to ensure realization of organizational benefits

Aligned Execution

Weekly pre planned AUDITS to control process that provides the structure to keep the schedule current and the discipline to keep team members engaged and accountable.


Organizational QMS / PMO / Auditory structure

Assess current methodologies and tools with a focus on strategy, project management, PPM, and change management practices through a formal assessment process utilizing seven success factors

Evaluate the effectiveness of decision-making, communication, and governance

Prioritize recommendations and provide a sequenced roadmap for increased growth using IPM’s proprietary maturity model


Methodology Development & Implementation

We work with you to implement an effective Project Management Methodology that improves your project execution, governance, and visibility.  From prioritization and determination of a portfolio, through actual project execution to post-project review, we develop project management methodologies for engineering and construction, technology, and manufacturing.  We work side-by-side with you to ensure that the methodology and tools developed support your business needs and are aligned with your culture.


Portfolio and Project Prioritization

Whether it is for information technology (IT), Business Augmentation Alignments, or construction projects, we give you the tools to prioritize the projects that are being conducted or considered. This includes determining how projects should be selected and prioritized against the organization’s overall business strategy as well as consideration of the organization’s capacity to conduct the projects. We provide status reporting and scorecards so that your leadership can quickly see the status of both project requests and projects currently “in-flight” ensuring governance and oversight of your overall project portfolio.